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Customer Testimonials

We love the fact that our customers enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy creating them. We make a point of following up with many of our loyal customers to find out what it is they like about our products. Here is what some of them have had to say.

“I still can't believe I had to move all the way to Shanghai (I'm from the UK) to find eco products that are super-effective, kind to me and the planet, but don't cost a fortune. How do you do it? My favourites are the laundry liquid and hand soap. I also love the Laundry Soaker. I use it to soak all of our football tops and it works a treat! Thank you so much for your great products!” Sharon O'Connor

“As a Swede in Shanghai you often miss the clean air and fresh smell of nature but with Soapnut Republic products you can get a piece of that in a bottle! Not only is the packaging really nice and looks great in any home, ultimately I love the feeling that it’s so safe too! It’s a win-win!” Maria Agnefors-Claesson 

"I’ve been using Soapnut Republic since we arrived in China two years ago. Love the brand and LOVE the founders who are so welcoming and friendly anytime we cross paths. I am a huge fan of the laundry powder! When we arrived, we were looking for an option that wouldn’t cause irritation to my son’s skin and this has been perfect. Other frequent faves are the fruit and vegetable spray and obviously the wonderfully scented foaming hand soap (also a favourite for my son because of the bubbles :)" Laetitia Lemin

"Soapnut Republic products are the best and this is the only brand of cleaning and laundry products I buy in China. Not only do the ingredients give me peace of mind, but I love supporting the brand as a whole for who the founders are and what they stand for. Totally trust them to provide high quality, safe and environmentally friendly products." Olivia Plotnick

“I am crazy about Fruit and Vegetable Wash, especially for all the fresh fruit and veg my toddler gets to eat. Ecology sucks in China, and this product is a life-saver and an addition to my peaceful mind. I recently discovered the Lavender hand foam. Love it! And it doesn't dry my hands. Can't wait to try more products!” Olga Mescerjakova

“I've been making my own cleaning products with soapnuts for several years now, but I ordered your Essentials Bundle last year to try out a variety of your household cleaning products — all met my expectations and I especially appreciate your efforts to cut down on plastic and offer refills!” Carissa

“I know the goodness about soapnuts many years before. As where I come from (Indonesia) soapnuts are used to wash batik as it preserves the fabric colours naturally. A few tears back, I even bought soapnuts and boiled them to use. Then finally I found out about Soapnut Republic! Great products. I love the Multi Purpose Spray, Laundry Liquid and Powder, and the Natural Stain Remover. I love that is gentle to the environment and non-toxic materials too. Keep up the good work!” Sandra Rocco

“Lots of love for Soapnut Republic. I discovered it a while ago, initially only using the bathroom and kitchen cleaner. Love the smell of it! Later I tried more products, and they're all really nice. The laundry detergent is ace, because normal detergents often give me allergies. So, discovering this was quite great. Happy to live in a home that smells good with products that come directly from nature.” Lydia

“I am a new customer. I have tried the laundry powder to wash clothes. I love it!! Can't wait to test new products. Thanks for your work.” Marion Stonner

“We've been using the laundry detergent for years. We buy it in huge quantities and it is very affordable! I love the hand soaps and the all purpose cleaner. The packages are a great house warming gift for newcomers as well. With the refills is a very affordable option I feel good using in my home.” Jessica

“As someone with a sensitive nose, I LOVE the bulk laundry detergent (I use both the powder and liquid). The clothes get clean and just smell like... nothing as they should. It's completely unnecessary to use chemical fragrances! Also love the Multi Purpose Spray and the bathroom spray. I recommend your products all the time! Thanks so much for existing.” Chris

"We have been using the lemongrass hand soap dispenser for more than 2 years, it is the greatest thing ever. It sits well and elegantly by the sink, it smells great and all our Airbnb guests ask about it. The fact that you can get it Refill is a plus and I do care about the environment so it makes me feel like I do something about the plastic issue. ️ Also, we have been using the laundry powder which is super concentrated and washes well! Love it. Last product we used was the dish soap but our Ayi wasn't a big fan... I'll Give it a second chance soon!" Cedric

“I discovered Soapnut Republic right after I had my daughter. They were exactly the products I needed to offer a safe and clean environment to my little one. Since then I have been addicted not only to the safeness and environmental friendliness of the range but also to it's nice smell and great efficiency! Looking forward to the enlargement of their range toward body care products. Well done and thank you Soapnut Republic!” Ambre

"As a big Essential Oils user, I love Soapnut non-toxic products ! Perfect for our little family ! And being able to refill just next street is awesome. Thank you and keep going like this." Aude

"Really love these products and how they're safe to use at home. As a "hippie" Californian, it's so great to find safe products in China that are similar to what I'd buy from health food and home goods stores in the US I also love the smells created with the essential oils in the products!" Tamar

"Up until recently I had not tried the soapnut products. I love the packaging. The fragrance and in particular the veggie wash was able to remove the wax from the broccoli leaving it looking super clean and fresh. By far the best product on the market." Ping Lau

"My favourite Soapnut products are the Lemongrass Hand Wash, Laundry Liquid and Multi-Purpose Spray. Not only are they good for the environment, they also leave my hands, clothes and surfaces smelling great, leaving my home healthy and me happy!" Sophie

"As a person with skin allergies and love washing things without gloves, Soapnut Republic is my ONE AND ONLY cure!" Jasmine

"I love your foaming hand soap. It does the trick nicely. The dish soap works to perfection. I use the multi purpose cleaner in the bathroom. Great on soap scum. Does a great job in the toilet too." Diane

"I really love soapnut foamy hand soap! it's great for adults and kids, leaves hand clean and the smell is very calming." Michelle

"Been using SR products for many years at home for my family and office. As a nature lover, love their products using natural ingredients to soap - soapnuts. Love the idea of ​​being able to make my clothes whiter and my home/office cleaner without having to tolerate the smell of 'bleach' or 'clinic' that is also toxic to the health and mind." Fionna

"I love all the products but the Foaming Hand Soap is my favourite." Jason

Love the concept as lately I am getting conscious about how much we are hurting Mother Earth We are switching our lifestyle which is Earth friendly & products like Soapnuts is helping our mission & bringing us closer to nature." Sarika

"I keep recommending Soapnut to everyone new in China... Me and my kid have skin allergies so normal soap for clothes was a nightmare here so i decided to try Soapnut one and the difference was unreal that is when i start to buy more and more Soapnut products. I love to know that my kid is safer at home when i am using your products. Thanks!!" Solen

"I've been using dish soap and laundry detergent for some time now, and I couldnt be more happy with the results, the smell and the quality~ it is great to know its toxin free and biodegradable. I am also looking forward to just refilling the bottles I already have, what an amazing way to contribute to fighting plastic pollution!" Elena

"I really like any of your products, such as dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, glass water and floor liquid. I use it very very well. When I run out, I will buy it, trust it." Chen Qiaoling

"I can say its the best quality you can get with such a reasonable price. I didnt really use eco-friendly products before, because often often were not that effective to clean But Soapnut republic products works really good and the fragrance from essential oil.. oh i really love it!" Moon

"A natural product that brings peace of mind to me and my family." 喵呜

"Love love love Soapnut Republic. Their products are the best of the best because they're safe for the whole house. I'm secretly obsessed with their sweet smelling lavender foaming hand soap." Holly

“We only love your product. Not only is the refill station next to my house, but honestly, after having a baby it was hard to find a detergent that could get out stains, And to my surprise, this natural eco product works miracles.” Patito

“Thank you so much for the awesome products you have created. My favourites are the Vegetable Cleaner, the Stain Remover and of course the Hand Foams.” Rosaline

“What I love the most of Soapnut products is that they are truly green and truly effective with a big range of products for my home so that I don't need to compromise.” Miriam

“I really like this dishwashing liquid. It is very healthy and safe to wash the bowl, and the hands are not dry.” Daniel

“We have been using this brand for two years and looking forward to more products!” Sharon Li

“As a Holistic Health Coach, I take great care in selecting which home and personal care products I use. Our skin easily absorbs the chemicals we are exposed to in our daily environment and many of the endocrine disrupting chemicals contribute to ageing, chronic disease and toxin buildup. After doing quite a bit of homework, I understand how the artificially clean smell of most commercial products wreaks havoc on our bodies. Soapnut Republic is one of the only companies I know of that actually practices truly sustainable, eco-friendly and non-toxic methods in their production of home cleaning products. The products smell great, and they are effective in keeping my clothing fresh and my bathroom and kitchen floors free of dirt and germs without the hazardous potential side effects that come with other brands. I particularly love the foaming lavender hand soap and stock it in all of my bathrooms. Their essentials bundle makes a great housewarming gift for friends too.” Elizabeth Sheiffelin

"I was previously a typical P&G/Unilever product consumer: foamy shampoos for cleaner hair, bubbly dishwashing liquids for cleaner plates, medical blue astringent smelling floor cleaners to strip away the germs. Soapnut Republic has changed my view of effective household cleaners. Limited suds, lighter residues and mildly aromatic products have challenged my conventional understanding of what is effective, and yet my clothes, my plates, my floors look and feel as clean as they did when I was using synthetic products. As a mum, I feel better using Soapnut Republic products. If my toddler puts food in his mouth that's been on the floor, I still think it's gross but I'm not as concerned as I was when we were using harsh chemicals for cleaning. Our clothes are as clean after washing with Soapnut Republic as they were when we were using other commercial products, and they actually feel softer and less starchy. The foaming hand wash is a household winner. They smell so fresh and natural, and the complete opposite of your standard medicated, skin-drying products on the market. The Fruit & Vegetable Wash is great. With a base of vinegar, the product actually leaches toxins and dirt from our fruit and veggies in a totally natural way. I was really surprised to see how much dirt came out of the spinach I bought from the market! Great that it is freshly farmed spinach, but scary that we used to eat that much residue dirt!” Lou Field

"We purchased a Starter Kit and couldn't be happier with the products. Not only do they smell gorgeous but they don't irritate my skin the way some products do. I am especially fond of the Concentrated Floor Cleaner, which brings a beautiful shine to both my slate and wooden floors; although the smell of Eucalyptus makes me homesick!" Melanie

"The products are easy to use and they work well. They smell great too! It makes me happy knowing they are safe for me to use, and the families I work for like me to use the products in their homes. They are very safe for young children and that is important." Jenny, Chinese (Professional housekeeper)

"We have a one year old son and it is really important for us to know that the products we use are completely safe. We've been using the products from the Home Tonics Starter Kit for several months now. They're effective, the essential oils leave and lovely fragrance in the house, and we're much happier knowing we're using products that are safe for our family and the environment.” Alisha

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