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Technological advances in both machines and detergents have made washing in cold water a highly effective option. And since about 90% of the energy used by a washing machine is used to heat water, we strongly recommend washing everyday laundry in cold water to save time and money. 

Soapnut Republic laundry care products are extremely efficient both in cold and hot water. We suggest cold water when using our Laundry Liquid, Laundry Powder and Delicates Shampoo, and reserving warm or hot water only for washing items with oily stains.

Our Laundry Soaker is specially formulated to be used in cold water. We’ve designed it so that our active ingredients are activated in cold water, so don’t use this product in hot water.

Other laundry tips to save energy, water and money:

* Wash full loads. If you are washing a small load, adjust the water level setting.

* Use shorter cycle settings when possible.

* Invest in future savings with a high efficiency (HE) washing machine.

* Use low-suds laundry products. All Soapnut Republic products are naturally low-sudsing meaning less time, energy and water is needed for rinsing.

* Follow laundry product dosage instructions. Manufacturers including Soapnut Republic test products extensively and recommend the most suitable dose required for peak performance.

* Avoid using a clothes dryer. Dry your laundry naturally outside, particularly at this time of year when strong UV rays in sunlight help to disinfect, enhance freshness and remove odours.

All Soapnut Republic laundry care products are non-toxic, allergen free and biodegradable. Our unique blend of soapnut berry liquid with safe plant and mineral ingredients enables outstanding results than other brands only achieve with toxic chemicals.



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